31 luglio, appunti di Amy (mimi) Tanzillo

The presentation of the work of Guilmi’s artist in residence Emanuela Ascari is drawing closer, now less than two weeks away. The work she will be presenting will undoubtedly engage with the village’s history and the legends that surround it, but Emanuela has chosen to maintain an aura of mystery about her work, staying tight-lipped as we dig for any concrete details. The truth will out, but it seems we will have to wait until August 13th to find what it is.
In the meantime, the residents of Guilmi are preparing for a busy weekend, as guests of Guilmi Art Project will begin arriving this Friday. The guests, coming from all over Italy and beyond, will be received at Casa Vacanze as well as in the households of many of the village’s year-round residents. About sixty guests will be arriving here beginning this weekend and over the next week and a half, all to be a part of the Art Project and to spend some quality time in Dolce Guilmi.
Their arrival is not the only exciting event this weekend, however. On Sunday the 5th of August, Guilmi will host a traditional marriage reenactment, La Rievocazione della Dote, in which a happy “couple” will tie the knot in the manner of the ancients. This annual staged matrimony includes all the trappings of a marriage that may have occurred sixty years ago or more, with a bridal “dowry,” groom’s procession, and the presentation of the most official matrimonial mattress to all in the main piazza. Who said gender roles are dead?! – Auguri!

Below some photos of last year

Cristiana Caro, festa della dote, Guilmi 2011
Christiana Caro, festa della dote, Guilmi 2011
Christiana Caro, festa della dote, Guilmi 2011
Christiana Caro, festa della dote, Guilmi, 2011



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