LEARNING FROM CONTEXT – Conference in Berlin 22-23 September 2017

Dear all, GuilmiArtProject will be discussed among other panels in the upcoming Berlin conference LEARNING FROM CONTEXT. Building Social Competences from Local Knowledge, to be held on Sept. 22-23 at the Aquarium, in Skalizater Str. 6. We anticipate that Lucia Giardino will not be smooth in telling the experience of GuilmiArtProject with the community of Guilmi, continuing this way the self-analyses mode inaugurated with mORALE the 2017 project by Cosimo Veneziano. Her intervention entitled: “GuilmiArtProject in the puddle scenario”, will be on the afternoon session of Sept. 22 starting at 15.30. The entire program can be downloaded here.
GuilmiArtProject will sure profit from the confrontation and dialogue that will take place in the two-day marathon in Berlin, which is hosting many international professionals architects, sociologists, and scholars from a great variety of disciplines.
Of course you are all invited!

The conference, promoted by Tesseræ, is the closing event of the EULER Erasmus Plus project coordinating training programs in the cities of Antwerp, Barcelona, London and Berlin. It aims at presenting the participatory toolsets developed by the local laboratories in the four cities and enhancing reflection, sharing and dissemination of the produced knowledge in a profitable confrontation with similar experiences.

Tesseræ is a platform to connect critical multidisciplinary research, art, education, communication and project development. It focuses on policies and practices dealing with social justice, urban renewal, urban peripheries, community-led processes, DIY culture and housing. Based in Berlin, Tesseræ works with local communities, independent and non-for profit organisations, as well as local, national and European institutions.


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