Self Directed Artists in Residence Pêndulo are coming!

We are super excited to announce our second self directed residency since our foundation in 2007. Artists coming tomorrow are the Brazilian duo Pêndulo, made by Joana Quirog aand and Fredone Fone. They will be working at GuilmiArtProject up to July 13th, before moving between Switzerland and Italy, then Serbia for another residency, and Germany.

Pêndulo’s statement on their website is extremely tuned with GuilmiArtProject’s mission and premises and as simple as this: ‘Each one with its trajectory and specificities, we think of art as a way to understand and to respond to the issues that worry us. In our individual and group works we think of art from the public space, trying to use everyday materials‘.

Joana Quiroga and  Fredone Fone also work independently, you can see their work by clicking on their names. 

We will keep you updated with their work!

image credit ©


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